Refund Policy

Mailvita Refund Policy

Our policy regarding refund is simple and straight-forward that helps you to make an easy and safe purchase of our products. Our main aim is to satisfy our clients by providing the best quality products on time for their 100% satisfaction.

Please note that a purchase of any software will be done online through our site or by an authorized dealer.

Situations under which we provide a refund to you

If you have shopped and you didn't get full version of the software
If our customer support team is failed to assist you and are not able to do the needful for you
If the complete version of the software doesn't work properly
If the functions you have found in demo version is not available in the license version

Mode of refund

For both canceled orders and returned products, the refund amount will be credited back to your same account that was used to make the purchase.

We are not liable to pay back you in the following cases

  • If you have purchased the wrong software from us
  • If the activation date of the product is expired
  • Product delay issues due to unconstrained factors
  • If the software worked perfectly for you and now you have no need of the software
  • If you didn't provide us a chance to resolve your issues
  • If you have not tried the demo version before the paid version
  • Refund is not possible in case of duplicate orders
  • Once you downloaded the software but find difficulty in operating it
  • If your operating system is not able to install the software
  • If the activation period is expired
  • Any weekend delay to process the license of the software
  • Our technical experts guided you but you are not able to understand and employ it
  • If the order gets damaged due to your own mistakes
  • If you suddenly purchased the software without having its need
  • Any delay due to some conditions
  • You entered a wrong email address at the time of purchase
  • If you failed to return the product within a specified time (30 days from purchase)

Cases when the refund is considered invalid

  • If you have purchased any of our products without going through the demo version of the software.
  • If the software worked smoothly around 40% and then created some interruptions.
  • If the software is unable to process the task for which it was purchased and the same software by any other company will not be able to perform the task for you.
  • The user has some particular corruption issues and he doesn't want to upload his files on our FTP server due to some privacy issues. We respect the confidential files of the user and don't pull our feet back to sign Non Discloser Agreement (NDA). If still, the user doesn't want to upload his files on our FTP server, the refund policy will not be applied and no money will be paid back.

Consider the demo version before the purchase of any software

It is a humble request from our side to you, kindly go through the demo version of the software before going for its purchase. The demo version of the software will help you in examining the performance of the software and will help you in judging whether the software suits you or not.

Note: Upgrading of any software will be considered but no downgrading. Suppose you have purchased a business license of the software and now you want to degrade the version to commercial use. It is not possible in any case.

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